EliPex Premium

    Set Pipes manufactures flexible pipes using continuous technology that ensures consistent insula-tions foam quality. The technology involves long service pipe units being insulated in a continuous process and the outer casing pipe produced in the same process. The insulated foam and casing pipe is the same for EliPex, EliCopp, EliSteel and EliAlpex, produced in insulations series 1 and 2. The pipes are flexible and are suitable for long pipelines and house connection.

    EliPex pre-insulated flexible pipes are produced from PEX-a, polyurethane foam (PUR) and polyethylene casing pipe (PEL). Available in SDR 7,4 and SDR 11, single and double pipe coils in 20 mm to 125 mm. PEX-a pipe has significant advantages compared to other types of Pex pipes. In production it is guaranteed the cross binding is > 85%.


    Set Pipes requires that each of its suppliers meet the highest standards for all material. All suppliers have to be certified according to ISO 9001 and they are evaluated before further cooperation. The quality of incoming materials is tested and documented before commencing the production process.

    Production Control

    To ensure a high product quality the entire production of Set Pipes goes through strict quality control. The control of pre-insulated service pipes is according to EN 253 for district heating pipes. Furthermore, additional tests are carried and documented before commencing the production process. Highly qualified employees and their awareness of quality is our strength in manufacturing.