EliPex Premium

    New and flexible Pex pipes for district heating systems.

    Set manufactures pipes and accessories for district heating and cooling systems as well as for industrial oil and gas applications. Raw materials and manufacturing techniques are closelymonitored and all processes are ISO 9001 certified. Set has been certified by Euroheat & Power.

    The company began its manufacturing in Iceland four decades ago and has a long history in the transport of hot water and geothermal heat for both district heating and electricityproduction. 97% of residential housing in Iceland is heated with natural geothermal energy.

    Set operates a plant in Germany where the emphasis is on new products for the European market and meeting the great demand for durable quality products. All of the company‘soperations have the aim of ensuring and improving the long-term qualities of the pipes sothey will serve the needs of buyers in the operation of district heating systems.

    Set has manufactured Elipex for many years. The latest Set product is Elipex Premium, an insulated PEX pipe with vastly improved flexibility and insulation qualities. Thanks to the improved casing tube and new insulation technique, Set can now offer the revolutionary, flexible Elipex Premium pipes.